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Tai Ji Quan
Tai Ji Quan is more widespread and known than Xing Yi or Bagua and is known for its slow and relaxed movements. Many people learn Tai Ji for the many health benefits derived from its practice.

Tai Ji is a very advanced Martial Art and contains many high level self defense techniques. What makes this internal system unique is the "anerobic" benefits one attains thru its practice. While "aerobic" excercise is equally important, training should be balanced and the Yin aspect of Tai Ji helps faciliatate this.

Training consists of Zhan Zhang (standing pole), open hand sets, weapons, and Tui Shou (push hands) applications. Tai Ji is excellent for loosening up the body and breaking up stagnant energy and can help your body become more youthful, flexible and internally strong. I practice Yang, Sun, Wu, Wu/Hao, Chen and Xing Yi Tai Ji styles as handed down to me from Master Li.
Xing Yi Quan, Bagua, Long Island Kung Fu School, Internal Martial Arts, Shaolin, Li Tai Liang, Che Yi Zhai, Kung fu, Dai Xin Yi, single palm change, NY Kung Fu, Tai Chi
Bagua (pakua), Xing Yi (hsing yi), Shaolin, Tai Chi
Traditional Cheng style Baguazhang, Shanxi Che style Xing Yi Quan, Shaolin and Dai Xin Yi
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